“I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End”
-Revelation 1:8

Beginnings and endings have a profound impact on the way we live out our lives, the choices we make, and the quality of our relationships with family, with our neighbors, and with our God.

Most of our lives are filled with a series of beginnings and endings; school, work, retirement, and many more in between. As followers of Christ, we prepare for most of these. We save and invest for our future so we can be secure when our formal career comes to an end. We celebrate these events with the ones we love and care about. Graduation gifts and advice are common when a student finishes College, High School and even Kindergarten. The final ending is when we die and our life here on earth ends. This is a sad and traumatic time for our friends and loved ones because they know they won’t ever see or talk to us again.

But when we are saved, this is not truly an ending, but a beginning; the beginning of our eternal life. A life free of pain, problems and suffering, free of all stress and uncertainty. A prefect life with no beginning or ending.


-John Bullock
Church Sexton