This upcoming weekend marks the unofficial beginning of the summer vacation season. For years the media has oftentimes referred to this season as the three-month period between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Many families will be going on trips of varying lengths, anywhere from a few weekend jaunts perhaps to the beach or the mountains to more elaborate trips across America or even abroad.

I have always enjoyed traveling and still do although I don’t take as much time off for vacations as I used to. I have been in all the states except for Hawaii and Alaska and also have been in the western part of Canada and in the area of Mexico south of San Diego. Beginning in high school and continuing to the present day, I have served in the music area of probably a dozen or more churches. But in the summer when vacation time rolled around, I would always find some places to travel and to visit.

When on vacation, come Saturday night, I would oftentimes look around and find a church where I could attend the next morning. This certainly was a great experience for me as over the years I visited a number of churches of varying denominations and was much interested in the different styles and types of worship. And although I was not perfect in attendance and did miss a few Sundays from time to time, I did not want to forget God, because He has never forgotten me as I walked along the road of life. So I hope that as you plan on trips and vacations this summer that you will always seek out a church come Sunday morning where you can worship, and I know that you will receive a blessing from having done this.

May all of you have a happy and healthy summer, drive carefully, and BE SAFE!

Love to all and may God bless.
-Richard Miller
Worship Accompanist